Doing this again.... -.-

I really want to play LoL... Or just check the news from their site League Of Legends.

You can check my match history, or if you want to get details of a specific match, you can also see it here.

I'm adding their logo just for shit and giggles:


OK so im gonna list the roles I like to play :

Talking about games

Some games you win and alot more you lose... Was it because your jungler tought if was safe to do a lvl 3 tower dive, or because your mid-laner was not having he's lucky 1% crit rune, it just happens. Most of the games I have are going well until that one point when you engage 2v3 (in our favor) just to over-extend in their jungle to take that one camp and then the rest of their team is comming to revenge their fallen bredren and just like dominos our nexus falls :)